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Environment policy

Scanlink Transport & Logistics AB is aiming to give the highest quality on all services all over the world. This also brings a responsibility to contribute to long range and lasting development, concerning the environment. By always improving our service, we will also work for prevention of pollutants in the air and water, which is our main influence on the environment. This means that our goal is to exceed the relevant environment legislation and fulfil ordinances and other demands that affect our company.

By using efficient solutions and new techniques for our traffic, we minimise the pollution that is made in connection with our transport service. We always make sure that the transportation units we use are forwarded in a safe way with the highest human and environmental protection.

We influence, make demands and cooperate with other companies, authorities and organisations in order to reach a minimum of environmental damage in ports, lakes and oceans.

We inform and educate all our staff in order to create an active interest and engagement concerning environmental issues.

Clean Shipping Project

Scanlink has closely followed the Clean Shipping Project, aiming to classify the current merchant fleet. The background is the large number of health and environmental problems that encumberes shipping today. The Clean Shipping Project's objective is to look into the use of chemical products and to try to find possible ways to achieve immediate improvements on existing ships and also in harbours. By defining what "clean ships" could look like, the thought is that shipowners investing in such ships should get market benefits by receiving more transports.

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