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03 Mar, 2021

As you have noticed, the last few months have been turbulent due to lack of space and lack of containers for imports from the Far East. The last few weeks have also featured congestion in several ports and bad weather with delays as a result.
Several import trade lanes have been delayed as the ocean vessels arrive late at the ports of loading. The ports in Europe have also been affected by bad weather and  congestion has been built up in Rotterdam and Hamburg, which delays both arrivals and departures for all vessels.
We kindly ask for your understanding as this means changes and delays of your goods.

Regarding rate levels, most agree that the turbulence will continue throughout the spring. The equipment imbalance continues with empty units in the wrong place, mainly in the United States and a large number of container vessels have been removed, which reinforces the picture that it is the seller's market. The shipping companies have succeeded in creating all-time high rate levels which they now use.
If you have questions about a specific booking or if you have a new transport underway, you are welcome to talk to your contact person or contact us:

+46 31 733 34 00

03 Feb, 2021

We would like to remind you of the Chinese New Year. In 2021, the holiday will be celebrated between Feb 2nd and Feb 17th. Most of the activities in China will as usual be closed, a situation that will not improve the already complicated situation regarding the transports. Let us know if you have transports planned during this period so we can look into different solutions available.
This year we celebrate the year of the ox!

26 Jan, 2021

2021 has started with a lot of turmoil due to Brexit. It has since long been clear that there will be customs clearance between the EU and the UK in 2021, yet many companies have been unprepared.The goods flow to and from the UK have been slow and probably there will be problems before the routines come into place. It is important to notice that in terms of customs, the UK is now equal to any non-European country, customs handling is not less complicated. All parties are now charging fees for this handling. In the future our customers will be asked to submit a customs authorization if Scanlink is to make the customs clearance.

Import - the agreement states that no customs duty is levied if the goods meet the conditions of origin and that this can be proven. A declaration of origin is required, which is written on the invoice or on another document that describes the goods in sufficient detail.

Export - you need to apply to the Swedish Customs in order to become a registered exporter and to obtain a Rex number. An origin declaration must be established if the value of the goods exceeds 6,000 Euros.

For those of you who import / export food and agricultural products - the goods may require a permit alt. licenses in the future. In 2021, the international standard ISPM 15 will also apply to all wooden packaging when trading with the United Kingdom.

It is very important that your invoice is correct, it must in addition to the usual information contain:
• Address information and organization number (VAT) for both the Swedish and the British company
• Number of packages and type of packaging
• Weight, gross and net
• Product description and HS code
• Value of goods and currency
• Incoterms with location
• Country of origin and declaration of origin, dated and signed if the product is from EU / SE.

Scanlink has long experience of handling different customs procedures to and from different countries around the world. With us, you are in safe hands even after Brexit. As always, just get in touch if you have any questions about your transports.

14 Dec, 2020

2021 is fast approaching with new challenges. Everyone is probably well aware of the Brexit situation. Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing negotiations, there will be customs clearance between the EU and the UK in 2021. We assume that there will be some problems before the handling comes into place. To quote Douglas Bannister, CEO Port of Dover: "I am very, very confident that there will be no disruption on January 1st, primarily because it's a bank holiday. But January 2nd may be a different question."

It is important to review how your business is affected. For companies importing / exporting food and agricultural products, it is important to notice that licenses may be required in the future. From January the international standard ISPM 15 will apply for all wooden packaging when trading with the UK. Almost all countries require wooden packaging that complies with the standard, the EU requires this for wooden packaging from countries outside the EU. The requirements will now also apply for the UK.

Scanlink has a long experience of handling different customs procedures to and from different countries around the world, also from the time before the EU became a customs union. With us, you are in safe hands even after the introduction of Brexit. As always, just contact us if you have any questions regarding your transport.

07 Dec, 2020

Latest news regarding the seafreight situation: we have received information that it is possible to book a so-called Shipping Guarantee at same shipping lines. This means that at an extra cost you will be ensured that your shipment is protected from any rollovers or cancelations from the initially booked vessel after having received your booking confirmation. This may be an option if you have an extra important shipment you want to secure.
Do you have questions about other options for your transport? Contact us!

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