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14 Dec, 2020

2021 is fast approaching with new challenges. Everyone is probably well aware of the Brexit situation. Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing negotiations, there will be customs clearance between the EU and the UK in 2021. We assume that there will be some problems before the handling comes into place. To quote Douglas Bannister, CEO Port of Dover: "I am very, very confident that there will be no disruption on January 1st, primarily because it's a bank holiday. But January 2nd may be a different question."

It is important to review how your business is affected. For companies importing / exporting food and agricultural products, it is important to notice that licenses may be required in the future. From January the international standard ISPM 15 will apply for all wooden packaging when trading with the UK. Almost all countries require wooden packaging that complies with the standard, the EU requires this for wooden packaging from countries outside the EU. The requirements will now also apply for the UK.

Scanlink has a long experience of handling different customs procedures to and from different countries around the world, also from the time before the EU became a customs union. With us, you are in safe hands even after the introduction of Brexit. As always, just contact us if you have any questions regarding your transport.

07 Dec, 2020

Latest news regarding the seafreight situation: we have received information that it is possible to book a so-called Shipping Guarantee at same shipping lines. This means that at an extra cost you will be ensured that your shipment is protected from any rollovers or cancelations from the initially booked vessel after having received your booking confirmation. This may be an option if you have an extra important shipment you want to secure.
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24 Nov, 2020

We have now received the December rates from the shipping lines and all increase their rates in a way we have never seen before. It is a consistent picture where prices are at least more than doubled compared to the November rates, but where some shipping lines almost triple their prices. The shortage of containers and the blank sailings have emerged due to the economic situation following the Corona epidemic. It is difficult to book space, which in turn can create delays in the future and since we do not see an end date for the effects of the epidemic, it is possible that the tight situation and the rate levels will remain for a number of months.

Feel free to look at the link below for a quick account of the current situation:

Why container shortage

As always, we focus on creating the best solution for your transport.

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10 Nov, 2020

The past days we have received several indications that the shipping lines now are starting to act regarding the Far East. The shortage of containers is increasing in Asia and there is a great shortage of units in all base ports. This leads to difficulties to secure space on the available departures which can create delays in the future. We also notice that the shipping lines are starting to charge PSS - Peak Season Surcharge and EIS - Equipment Imbalance Surcharge, especially on 40 high cube.

We are therefore focusing extra on securing equipment and space, trying to creating the best solution for your transport.

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05 Nov, 2020

We would like to draw your attention to the increasingly difficult situation regarding shipments from the Far East. The equipment shortage is increasing in Asia and the shipping lines are trying to allocate empty units as a large number of units are in Europe. Our agents in Asia report of equipment shortage in all base ports, especially 40 high cube where the shipping lines are starting to charge EIS - Equipment Imbalance Surcharge. The situation is becoming more difficult in several ports which probably may cause delays in the future.

This means that we focus extra on securing space and on creating the best solution for your transport.

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